3D Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Contract Research

Contract Research

SKi will perform research projects on a contract basis for customers. This could be a one-time project whereby a number of sensorgrams are produced for a particular ligand, or ongoing work during which Silicon Kinetics will e.g. functionalize silicon chips with one of its field tested, low non-specific binding surface chemistries. Should you have any needs for contract research let us know.

Enzyme-Small molecule interactions

Here the customer had a series of small molecules which they believed interacted with an enzyme target based on functional assays. They were interested in the binding behavior parameters and requested silicon kinetics measure sensorgrams for 10 small molecules.

small-molecule data

Figure 1 Sample sensorgram for sample xx4 measured between 0.13–4.0 µM.

Table 1 Results of a set of small molecule data presented for a customer's enzyme/small molecule system.

numMWΔOPD (nm)KD (µM)kon (M-1sec-1)koff (sec-1)
xx14840.227.3x10-3 2.6x104 1.9x10-4
xx24690.210.0621.6x104 9.8x10-4
xx35180.240.592.2x104 1.3x10-2
xx45380.240.585.9x104 3.4x10-2
xx54290.29101.1x103 1.1x10-2
xx63220.193.71.5x104 5.5x10-2
xx74060.508.41.9x103 1.6x10-2
xx84170.155.51.7x104 9.4x10-2
xx93550.338.63.2x103 2.7x10-2
x104710.29112.9x103 3.2x10-2

Other biosensor examples

  1. Measured sensorgrams for twenty aptamers using biotinylated conjugation against a protein analyte.
  2. Characterized dissociation rates for on-surface assembled nano-structures, without labels.
  3. Characterized binding of two dozen peptides binding to a bacterial protein's extra-cellular domain. Differentiated between binding and surfactant formation.

Non biosensor examples

  1. Created the electrochemical etch manufacturing infrastructure for a customer using porous silicon to address anti-counterfeiting applications.
  2. Coated silica coated, silicon chips for a diagnostics company with a hydrophilic surface appropriate for blood based diagnostics.
  3. Used SKi AutoPrep to build testbeds for testing custom flowcells for an in vitro diagnostics application.