3D Biomolecular Interaction Analysis



To be the world's premier provider of instruments and services involving the application of nano-porous silicon to bioanalytical instrumentation needs, including biomolecular interaction analysis, molecular interaction kinetics-mass spectrometry (MIK-MS), protein digestion and biomolecular enrichment.

To provide best-in-class instruments, consumables and support to our customers around the world.


Silicon Kinetics is led by an experienced team of professionals from the bioanalytical tools industry. The Board of Directors comprises senior executives and investors representing some of the leading biotech and technology companies in the industry.


Founded: 2003

Location: San Diego, CA (directions here)

Product Introduced: 2009

Focus: Applications of nano-porous silicon to bioanalytical tools


Product Development Approach

Silicon Kinetics works closely with its customers and collaborators to develop new products and applications. Many of the company's products and consumables were the result of extensive product development and testing both internally and with leading academic, government and commercial organizations.

In 2008 SKi Pro was the recipient of the most innovative new product award by the Connect organization in San Diego, CA and in 2009 received an R&D 100 Award given by R&D Magazine to the top 100 new technologies of the year.

Current Research

Silicon Kinetics works to continuously innovate and is perpetually engaged with our customers and partners to bring to market the next generation of products based on nano-porous silicon. SKi has been specifically commissioned by two separate corporations to develop nano-porous silicon for protein array technology and anti-counterfeiting applications.

Customer Focused

Silicon Kinetics has as it goal innovative solutions driven by customer feedback, including simplified operation and costs savings throughout the life-sciences industries. Our customers include:

  • Universities in USA, Canada, France, Japan and Poland
  • Government research laboratories in the US
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Japan

Please contact us with any questions or comments you might have.