3D Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

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SKi Mount

By embedding ski sensor chips in the bottom of standard footprint 96 well plates, SKi Mount will leverage the incomparable capture capacity of nanoporous silicon in two new mass spectrometry oriented applications.

First SKi Mount will be available for automated protein digestion. Digesting small amount of proteins will now be a straightforward matter of placing the SKi Mount well plate on your liquid handler and moving volumes as small as 1 ┬ÁL from well to well to affect reduction, alkylation, and digestion with immobilized trypsin.

Second SKi Mount will be available for protein enrichment. Use SKi Mount as you would immunoprecipitation beads, but without any centrifugation steps. You can use your SKi Pro system for method development as the surface chemistry is identical to that as used in SKi Pro.

Interested in early access to these technologies? Let us know!